Yes, the days seemed long but the years were short.  Looking back now at the young age of 38, married, with three children of my own, the years in high school seemed like eternity.  I couldn’t wait to graduate!  I wanted to grow-up, be a big girl and be able to make big girl decisions, all on my own.  Reality hit, really fast.  Being a big girl wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  I wished soon after to have those high school years back again.

I try to tell my own children now to enjoy their days growing up.  I know they do not necessarily enjoy every. single. day in school.  But, rather than rush for the milestones (turning 13 because you’re a teenager or 16 because you’ll be able to drive or 18 because you’ll be legal), enjoy the days of being young!

I had the pleasure of getting to know these 5 lovely high school seniors.  They are seniors at Burlington High School who are rounding the corner to their high school graduation.  All of which have been friends for the past four years and are getting ready to head in five different directions.

Some have thoroughly enjoyed their days as high schoolers and maybe some…. not so much!  I asked them to think of a few places that they frequented during their days together as friends.

At first, the Fabulous Five were very shy, quiet and a bit reserved but soon they broke away from their shell.  We laughed, they let loose and in the end, they had a blast!

I would love for my own children to have these same memories.  I only hope they grow up having these same friendships that will last throughout their days in high school and hopefully beyond their journey after.

I’m going to let the images speak for themselves.  The kids had a blast.  Memories they will be able to look back on forever.  I wished all seniors not only would be able to have their very own Senior Portrait Session but also their very own Senior Experience!